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AVEMAR Lyophilizate (Oncomar) - 4 Boxes - 120 Sachets with Stevia Dietary Supplement


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If you purchase this product, you will receive 4 boxes (120 sachets) of original Avemar Lyophilizate Drink Powder.

Avemar is an all natural food supplement made from fermented wheat germ extract.

Thanks to the special freeze dry technology, except for the natural orange flavour and the stevia sweetener, our drink powder does not contain any additives or base materials. It is easily soluble and absorbable.

We recommend it for those who, due to a difficulty to swallow, prefer consuming the active ingredient in the form of a drink as opposed to a pill, who prefer stevia as a sweetener and who would like to avoid the use of even a minimal amount of additives. For those who weigh less than 90 kg, one sachet per day is recommended, so one box is sufficient for one month. It takes at least two months for the positive physiological effects to develop, so if you would like to try the product, we recommend two boxes, so that you can take Avemar without interruption for two months.

Indication: Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] is indicated for supplementing the clinical oncological treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, etc.) of cancer patients. Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] is indicated to be taken without interruption before, during the full course and after the completion of oncological treatments. Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] can be taken at any stage of a tumorous disease. After surgery, Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] may be initiated when the patient has been able to take food orally without complications for at least 4 days.

Side effects: Side effects are extremely rare; you might occasionally experience softer stool, a feeling of sickness or nausea.

Contraindication: The product is contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Avemar lyophilizate is also strictly contraindicated for patients undergoing organ or tissue transplantation. The product should not be consumed by patients suffering from the bleeding erosion or ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract (bleeding peptic or duodenal ulcer) or from malabsorption syndrome (impaired nutrient absorption). It is also contraindicated in the case of gluten-sensitive enteropathy (celiac sprue) or for patients with hypersensitivity to any of the components and ingredients of the product.

Known interactions: Leave a gap of at least two hours between administering Avemar and vitamin C or any product containing vitamin C. It is advisable to administer Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] and other medicinal products separately, at different times of the day.

Important notice: The application of Avemar lyophilizate does not serve as a substitute for clinical oncological treatment or medication! The product can only be used under medical supervision. The product can only be used above the age of 14. The product is not suitable for use as the sole source of nourishment. In the event of examinations in which oral contrast material is used, instructions of the attending physician must be respected. Diabetics can consume the product, taking into account the carbohydrate content.

Storage: Protect from heat, store in a cool, dry place, preferably below 15°C, in a refrigerator. Does not need to be deep-frozen. Keep out of reach of children!

Best before: Two years after manufacturing, until the end of the month shown at the bottom of the box.

Before administration, please read the detailed user information leaflet.


Preparation of a single dose: Pour the contents of one sachet Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] (5.75 g) into a glass. Add 100-200 ml water (or still mineral water), mix thoroughly and drink the solution. Any solution not consumed within 30 minutes of preparation, should be discarded.

Dosage: For those who weigh less than 90 kg, one dose of Avemar lyophilizate [Oncomar] is recommended per day, prepared as described above, preferably 1 hour before eating. For those who weigh more than 90 kg, two doses are recommended (one in the morning and one in the evening).

Before administration, please read the detailed user information leaflet.


Ingredients: Fermented wheat germ extract (5.5 g/sachet), natural orange flavour, sweetener: standardised stevia extract (steviol-glycoside 19.4 mg/sachet).

The active ingredient of the product is fermented wheat germ extract, which is a biologically transformed extract of high quality wheat germ.


Based on the experiences and accounts of patients who have been using Avemar for a longer period of time and on our dietitian’s recommendation, we collected a number of ideas and suggestions that make the consumption of the special dietary food easier.

We hope we can help all those who might have experienced any issues while trying to consume Avemar. If you have experienced no such issues, we recommend that you use Avemar in the usual manner.

We are always happy to hear any ideas you may have – by letter, email or telephone – so that we can share them with others.


Lyophilisation, or freeze drying is a water removal process, typically used to preserve and extend the self life of medicine and food. Using this process, we can efficiently preserve the biological activity of materials sensitive to heat, while maintaining their optimum re-solubility properties.

Lyophilisation is a gentle but very expensive drying technique. It requires a special lyophilising equipment, also known as a lyophilizer (see picture):

1. The material to be dried is distributed to trays and put into the lyophilizer, which is a fairly large container, usually with a transparent door.

2. In this space, separated from the outside world, the material to be dried is first cooled and frozen.

3. The air is then sucked out of the tank, i.e. the inside of the lyophilizer, which creates a low-pressure environment around the material to be dried. The best equipments come close to creating the ideal vacuum.

4. With the low air pressure created, the controlled evaporation of water starts. The process is characterised by the immediate formation of water vapour from the solid ice phase, leaving out the liquid phase. This phenomenon is called sublimation. Low pressure promotes the evaporation of water molecules.

5. During the drying cycle, usually sensors are used to monitor changes in the material to be dried during the drying cycle. As the drying cycle progresses, the trays are heated up, but only slightly, for example, in a gentle dryer, heating may mean a final temperature of 20 °C.

6. At the end of the drying cycle, which normally takes about 24-48 hours, normal air pressure is restored in the lyophilisation tank and, after opening the door of the equipment, the storage trays, containing the gently dried finished product, are removed.

7. As drying processes go, freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, is a time-consuming and costly process. However, it is one of the most gentle processes for heat-sensitive materials. The dry matter loss is very low and, in the case of most products, hardly any change takes place concerning the material nature and properties of the product.

Weight 2.5 kg
Net weight

120 x 5.75g



Place of origin

Hungary (EU)


Cardboard box

Best before

At least 12-18 months from purchase date


Fermented wheat germ extract (5,5 g/pouch), natural orange flavor, sweetener: stevia standard extract (steviol glycoside: 19,4 mg/pouch).

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