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10x Balance Food Ground Salt from Parajd – Parajdi Só 1kg / 35.3oz


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If you purchase this product, you will receive 10 packs (10x1kg / 35.3OZ) of ground salt from Parajd, Romania.

Salt mining in the vicinity of Parajd, Transylvania, can be traced back to ancient Romans. The mine remained under the ownership of Hungarian and Transylvanian kings for several centuries, making it a part of our history. Since the 15th century, Parajd salt has also been known as "Székely salt," providing work and livelihood for the residents of the "Salt Region" to this day. The Parajd salt caves hold one of the largest salt reserves in Europe, with enough salt for hundreds of years still present in salt deposits located approximately 2,700 meters deep. The salt is naturally preserved in its protected form deep underground, shielded from the harmful effects of the environment. Mining and processing are still done using mechanical tools, without purification, whitening, or refinement through industrial processes. No additives are mixed with the salt, which accounts for its high mineral content and beneficial properties. Since it comes from Transylvania, the environmental impact of transportation is minimal, making Parajd salt an environmentally conscious choice. Parajd salt contains various minerals and trace elements, primarily attributed to ancient sea mud residues, which give it its characteristic grayish shade.

Recommended Uses for Parajd Salt:

Culinary Use: Parajd salt can be used for seasoning during cooking and baking. Its flavor is more robust and intense compared to regular table salt. The Hungarian Gastronomic Association awarded Parajd salt the Gold Ribbon for its exceptional culinary qualities, and the Hungarian team at the Bocuse d'Or, a prestigious international chef competition in Lyon, also used Parajd salt in their dishes.

Bath Salt: When used in baths, it is effective in relieving rheumatic, joint, and muscle pain, as well as soothing various skin conditions. It restores the skin's proper pH level and helps with skin hydration. As a foot bath, it can be used for the prevention and treatment of fungal infections. When gargled, it helps maintain oral health by effectively disinfecting the mouth.

Weight 10.7 kg
Net weight

10 x 1000g


Balance Food

Place of origin

Romania (EU)


Plastic bag

Best before

Keeps its quality indefinitely when stored in a dry place


salt (100%)

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Customer Reviews

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Alex Zaharcu
Sare Romaneasca 100%.

De la salina Praid Transilvania. Acelasi gust romanesc din copilarie.
Am luat 1 pachet cu 10 kg.
Customer service 100% guaranteed . Great online store.
Wish you all the best from TN.

Istvan Becza

Good product, fast shipping!

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