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16x30ml Beres Csepp Drops Plusz Immune System Supplement


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If you purchase this product, you will receive 16 bottles (4 boxes) of original Béres Csepp Plusz dietary supplement.

Béres Drops Plusz supports the immune system through trace-element supplementation, e.g. in common colds or during the flu season. Gluten-free, lactose-free.

Before you start taking this non-medicinal product, read the following leaflet carefully as it contains important information for you.

Always take this non-medicinal medicine exactly as it is described in the leaflet or as your doctor or pharmacist tells you

– Keep the leaflet because you may need the information it contains for future reference.

– For more information or advice, contact your pharmacist.

– If you have any side effects, tell your doctor or pharmacist. This also applies to any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.

– Tell your doctor if your symptoms do not get better or if they get worse.

What are the active ingredients of Béres Drops Plus?

Contents of 1 ml (18 drops) of solution:

2.00 mg iron (as ferrous sulphate heptahydrate), 1.14 mg zinc (as zinc sulphate heptahydrate), 0.40 mg magnesium (as magnesium sulphate heptahydrate), 0.31 mg manganese (as manganese sulphate monohydrate), 0.25 mg copper (as copper sulphate pentahydrate), 0, 19 mg of molybdenum (in the form of ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate), 0,12 mg of vanadium (in the form of ammonium metavanadate), 0,11 mg of nickel (in the form of nickel II sulphate hexahydrate), 0,10 mg of boron (in the form of boric acid), 0,090 mg of fluorine (in the form of sodium fluoride), 0,025 mg of cobalt (in the form of cobalt chloride hexahydrate) in aqueous solution.

What else is in the preparation?

Excipients: ascorbic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, purified water, potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate, glycine (amino acetic acid), sulphuric acid, glycerol, sodium edetate.

When should I take Béres Drops Plus?

For pressure relief:

– Deficient diets (e.g. special diets, dieting, vegetarianism), in case of significant physical exertion,

– fatigue, loss of appetite, laziness, weakness, insomnia and when the body’s resistance is reduced,

– in colds, and to aid recovery from illness and surgery,

– as a complementary therapy to relieve pain caused by bone and joint diseases,

– as an adjuvant treatment to improve the general condition and well-being of people suffering from tumours and to prevent the symptoms listed above.

When should the product not be taken?

The product should not be taken in cases of known hypersensitivity to the active substances and excipients (metal allergy), severe renal impairment, or in diseases based on iron and copper metabolism disorders (haemochromatosis, haemosiderosis, Wilson’s disease).

What should you know before you start taking this medicine?

Patients with liver and biliary tract diseases should take with increased caution, bearing in mind that most of the trace elements are excreted in the bile and excretion may be disturbed.

If Béres Drops Plus is used as adjunctive therapy (e.g. in tumour disease), consult the treating physician before taking it, as careful coordination of therapies may be necessary in some cases.

Can children take the product?

Yes, they can be taken by children over 10 kg body weight.

Can Béres Drops Plus be taken with medicines?

It should not be taken together with other preparations containing iron and trace elements.

Regular use of certain painkillers (acetylsalicylic acid, indomethacin) may inhibit the absorption of iron. Some diuretics (furosemide, thiazides) may inhibit the absorption of zinc, others (etacrine acid, thiazides) of magnesium, stomach acid reducers may inhibit the absorption of iron, while antibiotics of the tetracycline type may inhibit the absorption of certain trace elements.

What should you do if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to have a baby?

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you are pregnant or planning to have a baby, talk to your doctor or pharmacist before using Béres Drops Plus.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding, use in accordance with the recommended dosage.

How does Béres Drops Plus affect my ability to drive and operate machinery?

Béres Drops Plus does not affect the ability to drive or operate machinery at the recommended dose.

What is the recommended dose?

For preventive purposes:

2×5 drops per day for a body weight of 10-20 kg,

2×10 drops per day for 20-40 kg body weight,

Above 40 kg body weight 2×20 drops per day.

For the treatment of the listed complaints or as an adjunct therapy:

10-20 kg body weight 2×10 drops daily,

2×20 drops per day for 20-40 kg body weight,

For complaints of 20 kg or more, for 20 kg and over 40 kg 3×20 drops per day.

How and when should I take the medicine?

It is recommended to take the drops with a meal, in at least half a decilitre of liquid (e.g. water, juice, syrup, tea). It is recommended to take the product with 50 mg of vitamin C (e.g. Béres Vitamin C tablets) at each dose.

What else should you watch out for when taking this medicine?

It is not recommended to take it in milk or coffee, as the absorption of the active substances is impaired. In some teas, the solution may darken in colour during use. This is a harmless phenomenon caused by the tannic acid content of the tea. In tea flavoured with a few drops of lemon juice, lemon substitute or ascorbic acid, the black discolouration does not occur.

Simultaneous consumption of foods high in fibre and phytic acid (e.g. cereals, wholemeal bread and wheat bran) may reduce the absorption of trace elements.

How long can I take the product?

Experience has shown that, when used at the dose indicated for disease prevention, the optimal effect is expected to develop after about 6 weeks of continuous use, and this effect can be maintained for the desired period (e.g. end of winter flu or flu season) with continued use of the recommended dose for disease prevention.

The recommended dose for treatment is recommended to be used continuously throughout the duration of the complaints and symptoms. Treatment may be repeated if symptoms recur.

What are the possible side effects of Béres Drops Plus?

In very rare cases, allergic reactions (skin rash, hives, itching) may occur in case of individual hypersensitivity to the ingredients.

In rare cases, mild, transient stomach upset may occur, especially on an empty stomach or when taken with less liquid than necessary.

If you experience any side effects, tell your doctor or pharmacist. This also applies to any possible side effects not listed in this leaflet.

How should I store this medicine?

Store at a maximum of 25 °C in the original container to protect from light.

It can be used within 6 months after opening the bottle.

Keep out of the reach of children!

The product should be used within the expiry date indicated on the packaging.

What does the solution look like and what does the packaging contain?

Description: Light green to yellowish green, sediment-free,

clear aqueous solution / oral solution drops.

Packaging: white polyethylene, with screw cap, tamper-evident

sealed with screw cap and colourless polyethylene dropper-liner

in a brown bottle and box.

Manufacturer/Proprietor of Marketing Authorisation:

Béres Gyógyszergyár Zrt., 1037 Budapest, Mikoviny u. 2-4.

Registration number: OGYI-921/2004

Weight 1.8 kg
Net weight

16 x 30g



Place of origin

Hungary (EU)


Cardboard box

Best before

At least 12-18 months from purchase date


Iron (in the form of ferrous sulphate heptahydrate) 2.00 mg Zinc (in the form of zinc sulphate heptahydrate) 2.23 mg Magnesium (in the form of magnesium sulphate heptahydrate) 0.40 mg Manganese (in the form of manganese sulphate monohydrate) 0.31 mg Copper (in the form of copper sulphate pentahydrate) 0.25 mg Molybdenum (in the form of ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate) 0, 19 mg Vanadium (as ammonium metavanadate) 0,12 mg Boron (as boric acid) 0,10 mg Fluorine (as sodium fluoride) 0,090 mg Cobalt (as cobalt chloride hexahydrate) 0,025 mg Chromium (as chromium (III) chloride hexahydrate) 0,018 mg Selenium (as anhydrous sodium selenite) 0,012 mg

EAN code


We do our best to ensure that product descriptions contain accurate information, but unfortunately, manufacturers may make changes to packaging or ingredients without prior notice, so the images and descriptions are for reference purposes only. We cannot take responsibility for the information provided in the product description.

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Kevin Clark

Great product, prompt delivery, great service

Christine Jackson

I hid the last bottle for a week and finally finished it. Can’t find this anywhere in the US so, in my desperation I turned to the internet. Highly recommend.

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